Skip Hire Solutions

Waste Management has become a major issue of concern when it comes to focusing on the cleanliness of communities. In some areas community groups have started to gather in a bid to organize and manage the coordination of removing garbage in their localities.
However, there is an easy alternative to community waste management task forces. As a Renovators cleanup Townsville, Grinners Skips offer Skip Hire solutions. Customers can hire Skips in accordance with their personal requirements. The company has set the standards and leading the competition by designing tailor made skips that meet customer needs in waste management. Grinners Skips has received from customers has all been positive. A huge advantage of our service is the convenience in timely garbage disposal without having to wait for general period when collectors show up to take the waste. 

Call our highly trained team on 0499 33 44 94 to discuss your skip hire requirements. We can assist with everything from advising on the size of skip required, to helping with any skip permits you may need to obtain from your local council. Long term skip hire or a repeat hire with scheduled exchanges are also available on request. Skips are also very cost effective in the long term. Grinners Skips offers a low cost skip hire service of unmatched quality to serve waste management needs. For more information visit the site